#zombieprompts – What DIY projects are on your spring to-do list?


I have SO many projects I want to do this year, 2016 is going to be a big one for us! I’m guessing this is more of an American targeted question though seeing as spring is only in September for us and I’m sure that by then I’ll have so many new projects I want to do.

This year some of my DIY projects are obviously crochet and making up my own patterns but there is a lot I want to do with Fysh like building a dog kennel for Xavier and a little kitty house castle for NaNo, making gutter planters along the kitchen wall for herbs, adding an island to the pool for strawberries, making a bird house/feeder. And whatever else homeschooling is going to have us doing. I’m also a part of a DIY makers project for the deckle edge so we’re going to be coming up with lots of easy kits to put together for them, most kid friendly but of course a few just for mum as well. I also want to make a lot of little things that I can send away on birthday’s. Haven’t quite planned that one yet but I’ll do a blogpost on it next week when I’ve figured it all out.

Biggest year project though is sorting out the house. Completely un-junking decluttering it. I am going to be giving away A LOT! So keep an eye out, some things I might sell and other things I’m giving away at Meg’s junk swop events.