You can do it kid

I finished writing my last exam for the semester this afternoon. So that basically marks the end of semester one for me and I know it’s an extremely delayed reaction but it only hit me today that I am actually a freaking university student. I was sitting in the car on they way home from writing my forensics paper in a freezing cold hall and it suddenly hit me.

And damn it just feels so good!

Like really damn good. I can now honestly say that if I don’t pass this semester I will be okay with it, I mean obviously I would prefer I pass but this has been one hell of a learning curve. I’ve basically had to learn how to learn again. I also haven’t had the easiest damn exam time, not cause of the work but because mentally and emotionally I was on the worst rollercoaster you can probably imagine and hit with what I think is something that would have broken most people. So you know what? I’m pretty fucking proud of myself just for actually writing them and not giving up.

Next Semester I’ll know better, I’ll be able to schedule things better and I’ll know how the best way it is for me to balance work/life/love/school so I don’t have a melt down. Hopefully.

Look at me go, being all enlightened and adult and stuff :P


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