you are not alone

you are not alone! by Mia

I met Mia at her birthday earlier this year (I think, time is weird to me) via The Person, well he was invited but I tagged along and I’m glad I did. She’s an amazing woman and has recently-ish opened up a second hand bookshop… yeah, my new best friend haha ;) And here’s her kicking the stigma.

miaWhat makes you so special?
I don’t regard myself as special or different – I have a mental illness, this doesn’t make me special.

When were you diagnosed?
I was diagnosed with bipolar mood disorder 1, at the age of 17, that’s 20 years ago (1995).

Do you take anything for it?
I’ve been on a variety of cocktails since I was diagnosed, for the past three years I’ve been stabilized on lithium – the best known mood stabilizer for bipolar mood disorder, I also use an antidepressant called Venlor, it’s the only antidepressant that’s worked for me.

Any special coping mechanisms?
I’m a very mutable person, so my coping mechanisms keep changing, it’s important for me to do what makes me happy – to keep busy creatively; although I don’t always manage to do this. It’s also important for me to spend time with the people that I love. I need my sleep, but I also need to be productively busy, so that I feel my sleep is deserved. I need to be loved and I love people, so I am always happy to meet new people.
What does the number 9 smell like?

What colour is Tuesday?

If you could give someone out there ANY advice, what would it be?
Love yourself, embrace your mental illness, wear it like a crown, know that you have nothing to be ashamed of, and never stop taking your medication without consulting a doctor.

What saying get’s you through most days?
“Rise above it.”

Tea or Coffee?
Coffee, in excess.

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