you are not alone

you are not alone! by Jess McKay

I had the pleasure of meeting Jess at a media launch a few years back and I’m so glad we’ve stayed in touch, she’s an amazing person to follow and despite the hiccups and things thrown at her she always manages to get back up. A wonderful and strong lady am glad to say I know x

jess 2When were you diagnosed?
I have been diagnosed numerous times over the years by many doctors, but my last diagnoses was in 2013 after landing in hospital after an extreme panic attack that left me paralised for a few hours. I was diagnosed with A typical depression, bi polar and a severe anxiety disorder.

Do you take anything for it?
I am supposed to be on a strong cocktail of many things but in February this year I weened myself off drugs and so far, besides a few rough days, I have managed to cope. And by cope I dont mean like a ‘normal’ person, I just learnt how to only show my crazy in certain situations, in front of certain people. It is very tiring constantly having to be aware and in check with myself.

Any special coping mechanisms?
I generally just turn off when I know I am going to reach breaking point, I will go have a long bath, watch some series or run a bath. If I tip over into no return there is not much I can do to help other than riding it out, but I am surrounded by people who love and understand, luckily.

What does the number 9 smell like?
I’m to much of a control freak to be able to answer this question.

What colour is Tuesday?
Don’t know about Tuesday but Thursday is neon pink.

If you could give someone out there ANY advice, what would it be?
Screw people who dont understand you don’t need people like that in your life. Never wish to be ‘normal’ because firstly how boring would that be and secondly, you can’t change what is, you just have to learn to live the best life with it.

What saying get’s you through most days?
This to shall pass

Tea or Coffee?
2 cups of coffee in the morning…TEA the rest of the day.

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