Yellow is the new Blue. Apparently

** I decided to write this because so many people commented on my Instagram stories that they were thinking of buying it this holiday.

I know I said I’m going to stay brunette for a while, and I did. A whole few days ;)

Decided that this whole short brunette thing just doesn’t work for me so I headed out to the shops to get some a peroxide kit. mainly because the color just sits stronger and longer when you peroxide it. Thankfully the way I generally do my hair means it doesn’t turn to straw so that helps.

Anyway, I’m standing there about to grab my old go to when I spotted the ReNew range of semi permanent colors. The Ocean Blue stood up and screamed at me so I thought yeah, sure. It’s double what I usually pay but hey, let me give it a go…

I have been doing my hair myself for years so it’s not like this is all new to me. I followed the instructions and did all the things I was supposed to. According to ReNew THIS is Ocean Blue :

Not quite at all what the box promises but something a person could deal with… NOPE. Because when you go outside the blonde is definitely not blonde, it’s freaking yellow and as much as I love my random colors yellow is SO not my color. Particularly not this version of it.

I mean you pay what, R100 and expect it to be what it is on the box right? My hair isn’t even long anymore so it’s not like there wasn’t enough blue to go around. Obviously I had to fix this and thankfully I have my trusty home made mix that I plonked on over the horrendous outcome and now I have the blue I was hoping I would get in the first place. R100 for a failed promise vs a R10 home-made mix that actually worked…


** @Funkyshar just let me know that she did hers the purple but instead of following the instructions on the box she mixed the developer with the cream and that actually worked so if you are willing to take the risk or you’ve already bought it maybe try it her way cause following the instructions clearly get’s you no where. 


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