Wrap Stars made my MacBook pretty

WrapStars is the new kid in the neighborhood and they introduced themselves by turning one of my Charlie and Beastie drawings into a vinyl cover for my MacBook!

All the heart eyes!!!
You know how just the thought of covering your books (or your kids books now) with contact paper makes you cringe and want to run away? Well because this looks like that and you need to be sort of precise I thought oi vey I’m totally going to mess this up. But I didn’t!

Wiped down the top and carefully put it on from the bottom to top. I got a few small bubbles but it was easy enough to lift and get them out before rubbing it on properly which is a massive bonus because gah those bubbles freak me out!

It’s so cute and it makes me want to go to all the coffee shops to work just so I can show it off. I mean the hipsters have made MacBooks in a coffee shop the norm but this takes it to a whole new level don’t you think ;)

If you google MacBook covers there are some really clever ones that even use the apple as part of the design. Me, well I don’t love the half eaten apple enough to do that. I seriously love that Charlie and Beastie are there for everyone to enjoy now. Hopefully they put a smile on someone’s face when I eventually do go sit somewhere that isn’t my dining room table.

They also have playstation covers for those gamers you don’t know what to get. My brother turns 17 in May so he is most likely getting a skin for his PS4, I’ll just have to send Fysh to do some recon to find out what design we should have printed for it.

When the new year rolls around I’ll be doing a giveaway for a MacBook skin!
Unfortunately they don’t make them for other laptops, reason being that the MacBook doesn’t heat up like most computers so the vinyl doesn’t get hot and bubble etc. You could probably ask them to make for other sizes but then you can’t complain when it goes funny as you’ve been warned.

You can find them on Facebook and Instagram if you are stuck for a gift idea or don’t want to wait for the giveaway :)


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