Wolfkop family festival

At the beginning of March we headed out to the Wolfkop Camping Villages just outside Citrusdal for the weekend to join the very first Wolfkop Family Festival that is now going to be an annual event.

Before that weekend I’d never heard of Wolfkop before despite us camping out that side as often as possible as we tend to stick with what we know and only go to The Baths. Well I am really glad we were invited and got to experience the festival. We really had such a great time and it was during the weekend where I seemed to have a few days gap between the flu part and the tummy part so at least yay for that bit of luck!

Fysh and I arrived early on Friday morning (we left the house just before 6am because he wanted to cash in on the full extent of it and somehow I had agreed) before they had really gotten everything sorted out 100%. The “villages” were set up and the things were out but they were still doing things like hanging up signs and making sure all the comfy camp tents had bedding etc.

First thing Fysh spotted were the kayaks. And his face when he was told that yes they were available and free to use for anyone was just priceless. I took him out nervous that we would fall over as the only time I’ve been in something similar is a canoe on a dam and we sank in the middle (turns out it was a racing canoe so not made for leisurely rowing about and so no balance) but it was brilliant, we went up and down and I’m not sure which of us smiled more. Within 10 minutes of being back on grass he wanted to go again but on his own. Thankfully he can swim but I told him to stay were I can see him just in case. Well he took to it like a duck to water and it’s basically all he did the weekend. Up and down on his own, up and down with other kids, he was pretty much glued to a kayak.

M arrived late on Friday as he had to drive all the way from Gouritz and there were so many roadworks and stop go spots between there and Citrusdal but he made it eventually and it just made our weekend better.

It was one of those weekends were we didn’t actually take many photos cause I forgot my camera at home and also simply because we were just having too much fun. On Saturday we even veered off the beaten track to follow a decent river flow after hearing a wildcat growling in the overgrowth and ended up river rafting and it was AMAZING. Even the fact that we had to walk back up the same way we rafted down pulling the kayaks behind us, gaining a tweaked ankle and many many cuts and bruises on my toes, because it had led us to a dead end :P

I even swam! I am not a fan of cold water so I’m not the first to jump in and go for a swim even in a pool, actually particularly in a pool, but the river was tempting and not ice cold.

They had a great line-up of activities for the kids. From puppet shows and story telling to fire dancers and stargazing. They had a petting zoo, a jumping castle, two lovely food stalls, bootleggers coffee for the addicts and two slippy slides that were a massive hit. They also had live music in the early evenings before lights out :)

But out of the entire weekend, I think that we enjoyed Monday morning the most. The festival ended the Sunday but they said it was alright for us to stay on another night so of course we did. It was so quiet and we had the whole river to ourselves so we missioned to this really cute spot we had found and M and Fysh splashed around while I laughed (and wallowed a little because I didn’t want to leave).

Our only complaint is that on the Friday night there were idiots that decided to party until long after lights out. That’s fine and well for a general festival but it was a freaking FAMILY festival and it was made clear that 11pm is silence, so the whole drunken party thing rather peeved me off. That and the litterbugs, so many bins provided, why can’t people just walked a few feet and dispose of their trash properly, it’s not that complicated people.