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There is no doubting the fact that I love reading. It’s always been my way to escape to somewhere that is just better than whatever is here. And it’s a comfort. An adventure. A way to make new friends and see new worlds without even having to leave the sofa. Lately I’ve found Fysh reading to himself on occasion without prompting him to!

The thing is that if you don’t find your love for reading at a young age you’re more likely to struggle as an adult which is why I LOVE The Secret Book Box – it’s a new book subscription box curated specifically for kids aged 5 to 12 by a friend of mine, no this does not make me bias I promise and you’ll see why.

What’s better than getting a box full of amazing book related objects to flame the spark a little? And not only that but that it’s specifically for them, it’s not a mom or dad box, it’s THEIRS.

Fysh doesn’t know who made these and yet he still platzed a little when the box showed up…

“MOM IT HAS MY NAME ON IT” was yelled at me and when I got there he had opened and unpacked it all onto the bed before I even knew it had arrived (the couriers know him and let him sign for packages).

The October box was Hocus Pocus  themed around witches and wizards. YAY! And was filled with all the goods. His very own Wizard’s Brew mug that came with hot chocolate and mini marshmallows, a book, green slime in a little cauldron (this was his favorite), an embroidered peak cap, a magic trick, a bookmark and a collectable card that Fysh wants on his wall.

I am in love with the book choice – The Wizards of Once by Cressida Cowell, if you get a chance to you really need to get your hands on a copy. The illustrations/scribbles are just divine and reading through the first chapter quickly I can already tell it’s going to be a fun and exciting but easy enough read.


Mom, do I get to keep it?
ALL of it? It’s mine?! Even the coffee? 
Yes :)
YAY! But I’ll read it for you so we can share.




I have one boys age 8 to 12 November box to give someone!
These are sold out so this is the last place for you to get your hands on this particular box… 

The November theme is Heroes and Villians and I can’t wait to get ours. I obviously can’t tell you what you’re going to get because I won’t even know until Fysh opens his but if it’s anything like this one it’s going to be fantastic.

So how do you get one? Well it’s pretty easy actually. You just need to head over to The Secret Book Box Facebook page and show them a little love, they’re also on Instagram if you prefer and you’ll need to sign up to their newsletter (they can check this so no cheating).

Once you’ve done all of that leave me a comment so I know by telling me who your favorite Hero or Villain is. Personally I think the villains are fun and twisted and usually have a more interesting back story :P

**Giveaway ends 12 November 2017

35 comments on “[WIN – CLOSED] The Secret Book Box”

  1. I’ve liked the Secret Book Box and signed up for their newsletter and now I’m leaving a comment for you!

    My favourite heroine is Hermione from, yep, you guessed it…. Harry Potter!

  2. My son loves reading and started reading the Harry Potter books which he is glued to i cant seem to get him to stop reading to
    Do his schoolwork! He is 8 years old so will be ecstatic to receive that secret book box.

  3. A wonderful giveaway for a precious little boy, thank you for the opportunity to win .
    Liked and folllwing the Secret Book Box on Facebook and Instagram
    Subscribed to the newsletter
    My favourite Hero is Spider-Man he is a favourite of our little hero at home as well , who wants to be just like Spider-Man when he grows up lol ?

  4. I must admit I like the humor between Loki and Thor. Deadlock had me grasping my sides I laughed so hard, I do tend to enjoy the darker villains or anti-heroes. Hmmm does Groot from guardians of the galaxy count, cause he is just adorable.

  5. Severus Snape – “He was the bravest man I ever knew”

    Also – I LOVE this concept – the Secret Book Box!

  6. I have always been particularly fond of Batman (the movies – I won’t pretend to be a cool chick who reads comic books!) because he always has the greatest villains and so many of them are women! Catwoman just did things for me. Good girl gone bad maybe? Hmmmm. Of course my son is now a huge Marvel fan, and I could not be less cool with my love for DC’s Batman. I’ll have to ask him what my new favourites are heehee.

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