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[WIN – CLOSED] ruuuun it’s a T-rex!

We got to go to the Dino’s Alive launch opening and it was SO MUCH FUN!

It wasn’t what I had expected but then at the same time I’m not really sure what it was that I actually expected so I wasn’t let down if that makes sense. Fysh had loads of fun. I think his highlight was the VR headsets that when on apparently (I was Insta mom taking photos and videos so I didn’t try) made you feel like you were on a rollercoaster going through the forest and another one was going on a dinosaur walk and you got to see them walk around you. Sort of bummed I didn’t try them now.

There are tablets and headphones you can point at a screen and the Dino appears to walk off the 2D image and become a 3D one while the headset explains a little more about that particular dinosaur.

There’s also a Dino dig (Fysh will never be an archeologist, he is far too impatient) and a color station, a photo op inside and egg and a Dino ride. Oh and these awesome 3D pens where you can trace out a Dino! I kept his little triceratops and am going to add a small magnet to the back so it can stick on the fridge :)

We the kids were treated to a candy table which Fysh was of course thrilled about, I just loved it because it was so photo worthy. I’m terrible I know :P But they put so much effort into it, was just too sweet with the little Dino egg cake pops and Dino biscuits.




The organizers have been kind enough to give us a set of family tickets to give away – 2 kids and 2 adults (or 1 adult and three kids is fine as well I’m sure) so one of you will be able to go spend a bit of time experiencing dinosaurs!

As usual Fysh wants a say and asks that you tell him which your favorite dinosaur is as the entry :)
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Entries close Wednesday 13 December 2017
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