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[WIN] I did a thing…

In 2013 I had a Britney moment.
I wasn’t on my meds, my hair was long and I happened to walk past the CANSA shaveathon thing happening at the V&A while we were wasting time before a birthday party. I put R50 on the table and told them to shave it all off. The guy hesitated, tried to convince me that I should get it sprayed and I said if he didn’t do it I would do it myself. So they tied it up into a bunch of little ponytails and snipped. 70ish cm donated for wigs.

Fast forward to 2017.
Several hair colors, multiple trimmings and I’ve decided to do it again. This time I am on medication though and am actually dating someone so I did let him have a say in it which meant no number zero shave. Instead I had it cut to about my earlobes – I was going to go shoulder length but it grows really fast and this summer is HOT so the slightly shorter was a better plan. I am pretty stoked that we managed to donate another 56cm. That makes it my 3rd donation! And our second one this year along with Fysh’s. Also, with it short I can actually wash it properly more often because it doesn’t take me ages to wash anymore so I feel a little better about it in this drought.

A few people have asked if the drastic change is weird and the answer is not really. My hair was always tied up, first thing I did when I woke up in the mornings was tie it into a topknot and that’s where it stayed. Medication has cause alopecia so my hair has thinned to a quarter of what it used to be in thickness which just made me really sad to see how scraggly my hair looked with it was down even though I loved my mermaid hair. The only thing that’s really taking a little getting used to is the fringe. I haven’t had one in so long that seeing a little hair fall in front of my glasses is weird. And the bedhead…. HAHAHAHAHA the bedhead.



This one is only for Cape Town residents as Celeste is a mobile hair stylist and doesn’t have a plane ready and waiting at a hanger somewhere ;)

I loved that Celeste did my hair. She really is amazing. I decided to do it in the morning and she slotted me in for the afternoon! Asked me to make sure my hair was washed and wet when she arrived and set up on the counter. I am not a massive fan of salons, they are daunting and loud and smell funny so it was such a pleasure chatting to her while in the comfort of the kitchen.

What I also really appreciated was that she explained that with my hair so long it put weight on my roots which made them straighten quite a bit but that the curls would bounce back once they settled (and they have already started coming back) so she didn’t cut it into too much of a set style just so it can chill out and then we can style it when she can see what she’s really working with. I love it cause no other hairdresser I have ever been to has done that for me.

Celeste is kindly agreed to give one of my lovely Cape Town readers a cut and blow in the comfort of their own home :) If you’re hesitant about a hair fix at home you seriously don’t need to be. Celeste has worked for all those fancy named places and just decided that she doesn’t want to work their hours or charge their prices. Plus she really is lovely!

Just let me know what area you’re in.

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