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Dreamtopia is the sweetest imaginary world created by Barbie’s youngest sister, Chelsea. And I think that it’s one of those you might have missed if you aren’t a hardcore Barbie fan though, I know we did and we’ve seen all the movies several times already.

The worlds remind me so much of Fysh’s imagination. He always says he isn’t good at thinking up things but then we’ll be driving or just doing nothing important and he starts with “imagine/what if…” and I really should start recording them cause he comes up with the most brilliant things sometimes.

In Dreamtopia, Chelsea goes on adventures with Barbie and their puppy, Honey. Chelsea imagines people she knows as different characters in Dreamtopia, and the locations in Dreamtopia are Rainbow Cove, Sweetville, Sparkle Mountain, and Wispy Forest.

Personally my favourite is Wispy Forest which is filled with talkative trees that have tangled vines that swirl up like split-ends. And the animals and princesses express themselves through amazing hairstyles. In this kingdom, being yourself and taking chances are fun and celebrated. After all, if you don’t like a haircut, it grows back ;)

Fysh prefers Sweetville but then again I don’t know too many kids who would give up the chance of living somewhere with cotton candy clouds, cupcake trampolines, marshmallow beds, and strawberry chairs.

Oh and if you do get a chance to watch it keep an eye out for the Rainbow Cove fish. They are as colorful as a rainbow and they feast on gold dust flakes that fall from fluffy prism clouds and nibble lightly at people’s toes if they dip their feet into the misty, colored fog. Their tails are long and wavy so they can sail over people’s head as they cruise through the ribbons of rainbow that twist through the sky.




Mattel, the manufacturers of well-loved brands including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Thomas & Friends and Mega Bloks, has given me the cutest little Sweetville unicorn to give one of you!

I just love the ice cream horn! 

Fysh wants to know if you could live in any of the locations in Dreamtopia which one would you live in?

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