[WIN – CLOSED] An adventure in space!

We have been attending the Canal Walk summer holiday event for a good 12 years now I think. There are still photos on my moms fridge of us at one of the earlier ones where my brother was about Fysh’s age and I’ve taken Fysh every year since his first xmas as well. We’ve played in the snow, we’ve had ice cream in a giant freezer next to a moose, we’ve played with sled dogs and we’ve slid down a massive slide and hurt our coccyx. So many memories have been made at the holiday set up that I can’t even name them all.

This year they have decided to forgo the snow theme and I had a bit of a “say what now” moment because breaking tradition but since going there I can say I am so not disappointed. We didn’t even miss the snow we had so much fun!

If not snow then what? Well this year they have a whole space themed set up! There is a giant maze that the kids can run through with a slide they have to climb up, there’s a spiderweb vibe tangle that they climb through in order to get to a giant jumping castle vibe exit or if they take the other route they climb into a meteor shower and then into a massive sponge pit. They also have massive boards up all over the maze that gives you information about different things such as black holes etc.

Outside the maze there’s a planetarium, a large blow up dome that you climb into and they project an educational show onto the roof (there are little chair things to sit on but Fysh and I lay on our backs on the floor and it was a way better view, people even ended up joining us on the floor instead) about the galaxy, the telescopes etc.

There’s a Space Cafe as well where you can get space donuts (I am not a fan of donuts but these… I almost didn’t share with Fysh – yes my no sugar thing clearly didn’t last long), There’s ice coffee, rainbow slushes, and space clouds (candy floss). So you can sit and man the goodies you bought but the kids have forgotten about because they are having so much fun (or is it only mine that does this?)




The organizers were kind enough to sponsor me a set of family tickets (two adults and two kids) to giveaway. So if you’re amped for a bit of a space adventure this holiday then you’ll want to enter this. (Fysh asked if we could win so he can go two more times. Clever sod)

Leave us a comment with a really interesting space fact.

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Entries close Wednesday 20 December 2017
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  1. Yaaaas we so want to go!!! ✨ So I asked the kids and she said that stars don’t actually twinkle and sparkle, but when the earth ‘shakes’ (she means when there’s turbulence in space), the light ‘reflects’ (she means deflects) and that makes it seem like stars twinkle. I Googled and she’s almost right!

  2. When Aiden grows up he wants to go to America and buy a rocket and fly to the moon, to build us a white castle so we can live with all his family and pets that have gone to heaven (apparently the moon is heaven), we in Cape Town next week for the holidays and he would love to go to this! But here is a real space fact: Neutron stars can spin at a rate of 600 rotations per second (I googled that one)

  3. I would love to take Mitchell, he just loves space. Did you know there is no sound in space as sound does not travel in a vacuum. So you could fart in space and nobody would hear it but it might propel you forwards and give the game away!!

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