win a SIGNED set of The Legacy Trilogy written by Melissa Delport

It’s no secret that Mel is my absolute favourite author of all times and recently I got The Legacy trilogy posted to me and it was SIGNED! I nearly died. Not like when I got a signed copy of Rainfall of course which made my entire life a happy one (I still owe you a tattoo Mel!) and because I feel like the luckiest girl alive owning a set I managed to convinced her to donate a set of the Legacy trilogy for one of you as well… signed!!!

She doesn’t expect much in return and I know certain rules on certain social media sites mean I can’t ask you to give her some like love but it would be appreciated if you leave her a little comment or something, cause she’s a local girl and all and we love to support local because why? Because local is lekker of course ;)

the legacy trilogy

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20 comments on “win a SIGNED set of The Legacy Trilogy written by Melissa Delport”

  1. I’ve only read Rainfall as I’ve been unable to get my paws on the Legacy Trilogy (Yay, Namibia) but I absolutely LOVED/HATED it!The story was fantastic but it really broke my heart… Great writer!

  2. I love supporting local.Melissa is a fantastic writer.Have started reading an ebook of hers. BUT alas my tablet charger had died :( so would love to win

  3. I am currently reading a Maeve Binchy book – A Week in Winter. I don’t want to put it down. I have loved Maeve’s books for many years now and love reading every one of of them. This book of her’s is no exception.

  4. I’ve heard a lot about Melissa Delport’s books and how awesome they are, but unfortunately haven’t been able to get my hands on any of her books :(

  5. Currently, I’m going through a Mills&Boons(and swoons :p) binge. Got a bunch for super cheap at the library sale. I’m anxiously waiting for the newest Brandon Sanderson to be in my hands.

  6. Also LOVED Rainfall, and tell everyone that they have to read it. Currently reading Wolves of the Calla (of the Dark Tower series) by Stephen King, and a very small Afrikaans book called Drippelkie by Arno Fourie (pseudonym)

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