#wherethefuckiscupcake – part five – shit meet fan

I’m going to condense the last 5/6 days for you mainly cause I still don’t have wifi at home and am blogging from my temperamental phone. I’ll highlight the fun bits in separate posts.

Sunday we left Southern Comfort with the intentions of heading back to warmwaterberg spa as a lay over so we could be home early Monday. Well it turns out our car had other plans and was done with the roadtrip so when we stopped in Sedgefield for some mothersday cake, snacks and cool drink it decided it’s not reading the key anymore.

You can’t steal a merc ML. Or if you can it’s not on google. Trust me, I googled everything from hot wiring it to bypassing the immobiliser. Nope. And it’s not like I can tweet > looking for a good car thief #capeadvice

Of course everything except the sports bar that smells like a cigars armpit is closed on a Sunday. Which means we had to find a place to say… Sedgefield does NOT understand the concept of a backpackers as both we tried were 4 stars rated with rooms not backpacker priced. But the lovelies at sedgefield arms cut their lunch short and came to book us in.

Monday morning we had the car put on a flatbed and take. To Mercedes in George where it stood for THREE DAYS before anyone even looked at it. Don’t take your car there if you’re ever stuck. If you aren’t driving top of the range you’re not a priority and there is NO client follow up unless it’s the client doing the follow up. So no the car is at awesome peeps from Das Technik who are super helpful and friendly.

Got to say the biggest thank you shout out to Eli (@hir_or_their) and their wife B who graciously offered up their holiday home in HeroldsBaai so that accommodation was one less thing for us to stress about. I can see why you guys love it there.

And to Pretty Messy Melon as well who answered a “cry of help” on twitter and put a few movies on a stick for me so I could have my “background noise” while I crocheted.

This supposed 5 day trip turned out to be the longest period of consecutive time that The Person and I have spent in each other’s company AND the longest I’ve been away from Fysh. The latter being the reason The Person bought me a bus ticket home and why I’m here already and he’s still there.

And now that my kid is fed and cuddled I’m going to pass out. Because taking the night bus does not mean you get to sleep the whole trip…