When did I become “that old person”

It feels like yesterday and also eons ago that I was that crazy loud teen that partied hard every weekend after work. Not that you’d say it though. I was badly bullied in my earlier school and even highschool years so when I had a new start at a new school I was like the boogeymans daughter in monster high. I blended as best I could. I had a job and everything. 

But as soon as I went out I’d put on this other personality almost, the “normal party teen” one that I’d aquired as a kid growing up in a small German town (we would celebrate cause the sky is blue, cause there was rain, because the day ended in Y…) 

I was one of those the old people tutted at, the one who walk in with 6inch heals that made my calves look spectacular and cleavage that put bra models out of business (I also weighed about nothing back then) and of course I was never carded because cleavage and legs like mine get asked to drink cocktails on the veranda to attract clients instead… (Yes that happened).

That was a mere what? 10 years ago? Not even, shit I still put that personality on a few times after I’d had Fysh as well. 

Progressively though that part of me has faded. I can barely go to the pub for a drink anymore, it’s too loud and too noisy. This from the person who went to weekend festivals, strip clubs in Austria and partied till the sun came up in a random forest. 

Tonight though, tonight I really felt it. I actually called the fuzz to make a noise complaint against the teenage party happening behind us. Though I do blame this lack of tolerance tonight in the fact that I have a migraine that has plagued me all week because of the event happening at the race track across the vlei. 

What has happened to me?! Is this just an age thing or am I losing myself? I’ve even started eating zucchini!!! 

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