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I love giving gifts (hence the 28 days of gifts which is officially a go with every spot filled! You’re going to LOVE the amazing sponsors) but I am only human and I also really love receiving gifts but as I mentioned, my birthday is generally a bust which means that I don’t get spoiled in the way of lots gifts (but I so appreciate the ones I do get!) so this year I’m going to throw every damn blogging rule to the wind and be cheeky…


BUT I don’t want just any gift… I would REALLY like you to gift me YOUR favourite book no matter what it is. And to make it complicated and interesting I’d like you to write in it your name and WHY it’s your favourite. (If you’re ordering online and sending it erm… that might be difficult but am sure you’ll figure something out).

Why books? Um, because books?! Also because I read, a lot, and I have found I tend to stick to the same thing/genre until someone gifts me a book and then I’m all “hey, of I love this!”

So… Pretty please?

Second hand books are great, I’m a book lover not a book snob and spending even just a half hour between books will make you feel so much better if you’re having a shitty time so technically I’m doing you a favour here as well ;P

Not counting my chickens but hey, even if I just get one book then breaking the rules will so be worth it hahaha. So I’m going to be presumptuous and hopeful and give you my address in case you decide to send me something: 193 Circle road, Table View, Cape Town, 7441. 

***address is in white…

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  1. Where do I find your address chick? Looking but feeling a bit doff because I don’t see it! :-) x

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