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what a festive season

So I have had so much work to do since the last post (yay) and then decided to take a bit of a break to just enjoy time with friends and family and boy did I people myself out for a change! From xmas eve eating and being merry with family while opening gifts to following up with a visit to the farm for a giant lunch and more merriment on the 25th and then a braai with a good friend the 26th. Yesterday I stayed in bed crocheting squares all day for my 2016 side project – a blanket for Fysh made to look like the head of Stampylongnose – just because I wanted to do something but not do anything at the same time.

Some highlights you may have missed: I said goodbye to my psychiatrist of 2 and a half years on the 23rd and met with a specialist from the new clinic I’ll be moving to. It’s really sad and yet at the same time it’s good news because it means they deem me “stable enough” to move to a new psych and clinic (this one closer to home – MUCH closer) so in 3 weeks I go meet my quack… New year new quack… Not sure I’m ready yet!

We took our first “family” photo on the 24th! As in for a change The Person, myself AND Fysh were all in the same photo! big deal this, we’ve been officially dating for 22 months now and this is our first photo together. It’s always the two of us or him and Fysh or me and Fysh but never all of us. I wanted a nice photo but the psychos decided to pull odd faces… it kinda fits us perfectly though.

cupcake family

Fysh was “spoiled” even though we were a little short on cash this holiday season, he got the two main things he asked for – a Darth Vader plush toy and a mug with the Stampylongnose gang on (minecraft stuff). Which means he was pleased as punch which makes me happy. I got a colouring book diary from The Person and can’t wait for 2016 to start using it! We were gifted a huge box of groceries from a friend that had me gobsmacked, so grateful to have this amazing lady in my life! He also got takeaway gammon from Friday’s farm visit which is his favourite. (He isn’t eating meat anymore but according to him pig isn’t meat. Don’t ask)

And that’s about it. Exciting but nothing major. As of yet we have no plans for New Years but we’ll see how it goes :)

I hope you all survived and made much merriment <3


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