whale vomit, dassie pee, massages and a spookhuis

I was invited to the launch of Rain Africa’s new fragrances – Leaf, Twig and Nectar – the nectar by far winning my as my favourite, it’s soft and beautiful and reminds me of spring in Germany.

We all met up at Charlies Bakery and had no idea what our destination was, this apparently was a secret and we’d get clues along the way to help us guess where we were going. This chop right here though guessed it at the first clue, we hadn’t even gone over sir lowries pass yet… clue 4 which we were handed anyway had the instruction that you had to write the answer and give it to Ronel, of course we hadn’t gotten to clue 4 yet when I figured it out so my big mouth blurted out the answer and did a whoop when Ronel agreed I was right. SORRY LADIES!

Our destination was to be the spookhuis on Mosaic farm in Stanford, a really long drive turned short with all the excited chatter, though the trip back felt like forever as we were all knackered and pampered and full from an awesome day.

Once there Bev the founding lady of Rain gave us a bit of a history on perfume and all the different ways there are of making it. I also learned that whale vomit is highly sought after and put in perfume… as is dassie pee <gag, I’m never using perfume again! We also learned about the Himba tribe from Namibia and how they make their own type of “perfume” and so on.

Mosaic farm treated us to a tour of their lodge (I want more hot chocolate) and spa and also took us on a flower game drive where I’m sure people got annoyed with me cause every time I spotted a new flower I pointed it out and the guy stopped to explain what it was and what they used it for. Which I guess was kinda the point of the drive in the first place.

In essence it was an amazing day, a little long and far but they really went all out. And I’m dead keen to get my hands on a bottle of Nectar.


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