We’ve joined the circus!

Okay well while that title is technically true it’s not in the whole “we’re gypsies and running away” vibes here.

Because we homeschool our one big thing has always been making sure Fysh socialises enough, which he does – kid is a butterfly and can make friends with anyone – but as a parent you’re always worried anyway.

When we were in Table View we’d thought about scouts but then we were stuck without a car and couldn’t get there and well, one thing constantly after another… You know how it goes. He ended up not doing any extra murals. Last semester though I chatted to the guy who runs the pottery studio I go to because he’s part of the Sisonke circus and the whole tribe of people we know this side. Lionel suggested Fysh come through and try out a class, again we were stuck without a car for months so we couldn’t get him there and none of the village kids go else we’d have been able to arrange a lift. Now we have both our cars (well a car and a half as mine needs new back shoes).

Long story short…


He had his first official class this afternoon and he can’t wait to go back. I wasn’t allowed to watch his first lesson, he asked me to stay in the car in case I made him too nervous (I’ve been given permission to sit inside next time now) but I got to sneak in the last minute and get a pic really quick before they ended class.

He talked non stop (nothing new really) telling us everything they did.

Needless to say, I am as pleased as a sailor who’s found out drinks are on the house. The kid did awesome and he did well and when he’s happy we’re happy.

Until next time…