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Weinachten at granny’s house

Still not in the whole festive spirit we went to mom’s for weinachten anyway and I actually had a decent time. For once there was no one drinking too much wine and making nasty comments and we didn’t have to force conversations.

Instead Shamus was there for the first time in a while (yes my dad still does xmas with his x wife and her husband and it’s pretty awesome) and he brought along the kid that crossed the Atlantic with him.

Again for the first year in a while mom made her traditional massive dinner. We ate so much that when it came time for the cheesecake desert we all groaned (we ate it anyway cause she rarely makes her famous cheesecake).

Despite saying that we aren’t buying gifts for everyone we ended up doing it anyway without really meaning to. Seems to happen every year but this year it was just more fun and meaningful, not sure how but it just felt that way.

Fysh was spoiled rotten, grandpa brought a hammock for him from Brazil (I got a Brazil gift as well – a goat leather backpack to replace the one that was nicked), he got clothes from all the ladies in the family, the new gamer monopoly, a rubix cube, lego, a giant toblerone and a neck pillow. Almost everything he’s been asking for all year but we haven’t gotten him and he’s been so patient saying okay when I say we can’t.

I ended up freaking tearing up like a lunatic when I opened my surprise gift from my mom (I knew about the one she got me cause I picked it out). She had gotten The Person and myself a voucher to go on an outride in Paarl. I miss my horses and M loves to go riding as well so it was just so damn thoughtful and out of the blue. The Person got me three months of boxing and I wanted to do him right then and there because he knows how much I miss my daily boxing sessions.

And to keep up with the bettering ourselves in 2018 I got The Person the Yoga mat he saw at the market with a cotton towel :)

My tribe, they are pretty damn awesome. 


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