weekend round up

We aren’t into the whole valentines day thing as in hearts and chocolate and the whole hallmark vibe and yet somehow we ended up “celebrating” it anyway and it was great :) Despite my utter breakdown on Saturday morning though which is a whole damn post on it’s own. Le sigh.

The best is spending the weekend in Lynedoch, the views are like being on a vacation!


Friday Fysh and I watched Norm of the North in SW and it was kinda cute, we ended up being the only two in the cinema so of course Fysh had a ball running up and down the place and dancing when the music came on etc. I won’t call it a must see but I will say watch it if it comes out on TV. Also, it’s really weird watching movies without the whole popcorn and slushes vibe but we managed.

leather shoesSaturday we slept in then made our way through to the R44 market to celebrate an old friend’s birthday – old in that we’ve been friends for 10 years this year and also she’s 28 ;) I love the market, we had pizza and rum and coke and surprised her with a sparkler on a cupcake. The Person also bought me an early valentine’s day gift :D The gift is mainly because I have one pair of shoes left (I kinda buy a pair and wear it till it’s through) and he seriously LOATHES them (they’re woolies pumps) so they were replaced when I accidentally looked at a pair of leather sandals for too long as we were leaving. They’re ugly but so comfortable and oddly enough don’t put any pressure on my fractured big toe.red velvet cupcakes

Sunday we slept in but I decided that the weather is too awesome to stay in bed all day and The Person had been moaning about wanting confectionaries so so I jumped on the bed till he got up and relented into getting up and heading out. We made our way to helshoogte to have carrot cake at Hillcrest but the service was shit and we got sat at a table where when it started to drizzle and then rain I got wet so we left and tried using Tomato to find something close by but failed, you know it being valentines day and all pretty much everything is full so we finally decided to just get some thai and head home but as luck would have it we walked past the Dorp Street Deli and they had a spot open for us so it was peanut butter milkshakes and burgers followed by the best cupcakes I’ve had in a really long time. Seriously , if you’re in Stellies go and visit them and grab yourself some!

And then… then on the way home he randomly parked on the pavement and stole a giant sunflower from one of the islands.

Best ♥


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