Sorry to interrupt the flow of giveaway but WE LOST A TOOTH! Well not we, Fysh, he lost a tooth!


It’s been wiggling for a long while now and we did lots of youtube searching as to how we were going to pull it out creatively so he could upload his video “and become famous”. We’d settled on using his nerf blaster and he was super excited but in the end a burger won the war and he just came and dropped a tooth into my hand. So gross! Out of all the body parts the mouth just gets to me, particularly the teeth *shivers* but hey, not like I have a choice.

He’s SUPER chuffed that it came out by himself albeit a little disappointed he won’t be internet famous for it < the generations of today?!

So now I need to decide what the hell the tooth faerie is bringing him. I was going to get all creative and make a little doll to put under his pillow etc but yeah, ran out of time for that. Any idea? I think the money thing is dumb, and no fucking way can I keep up with the R100 a tooth kids seem to be getting lately, this tooth faerie ain’t made out of money damnit. Also no sweets. This is a tooth fairy who doesn’t promote cavities.


Keep in mind I only have today to make/create

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  1. Stick to R10. Way cheaper in the long run.
    The last tooth, the ahem tooth fairy forgot about it and ran around at midnight finding shopkins and arranging them all around the note which was rolled up and put into a shopkins shopping basket. The kid thinks the tooth fairy is GENIUS for finding said shopkins and bringing her money. Just like that.

  2. We do R20 a tooth – plain and simple. And then they can buy a choccie and save the rest. ine know two teeth = one Lego mini figure – so they save it up

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