we had SNOW much fun

From a drought to 2 years of rain in one season and the most snow we’ve had in 10 years… It’s been a pretty good winter cause you know how much I love puddle jumping. But back to the snow…

Tuesday morning I woke up early for some reason and checked my phone for the time, a minute earlier my mama had messaged me (not why I woke up as my phone is always on silent) asking if we want to join her on a road trip out to Matroosberg to see the snow. I was in two minds about it cause I have a lot of work to catch up on that I had delayed a little due to exams. But then The Person convinced me that we should go, snow isn’t something that happens every day in SA. So we showered, prepped our work (he had to run scripts and I had to have paint set on a re-paint) while mama packed a picnic, within 2 hours we were all on the road and headed out to the mountains.



Unfortunately it seemed that most of Cape Town had the same idea so when we got to the pass just before Ceres we sat in crawling traffic. And yet when we got past Ceres it was empty, rather weird.

Most people seemed to stop almost right where the snow had started but it was too people-y for me so I asked that we head up higher and offered to pay for entry into the reserve just so we could have a quieter spot. Turns out that we didn’t even have to go that far, and stopped just before klondyke cherry farm and we still had snow that was knee deep!



Snowball fights, snow angels, latte’s under a tree that upends snow on you, snow-women, and trying to pee in the snow without freezing your sensitive bits.



We had so much fun, Fysh would have liked to take a friend with but it was so last minute. Maybe next time :)



Oh, and I made a video!
You can go watch it here > CUPCAKE AND FYSH PRESENT SNOW DAY