we got a library card!

I don’t remember there being a library in Lüderitz and there probably was one in Walvis Bay but I can’t remember that either. I do though remember getting a library card when we moved to the boarding house in Vredenburg. I remember it clearly because Wednesday was “town day” and when every one else went to the Jesus rock to do whatever it is they did there I’d go to the library and sit with my nose in the books – I remember sweet valley being a favourite back then and being introduced to Harry Potter.

When I moved from Vredenburg to Paarl I made sure I got another card and again I spent very many a “town day” there picking out books to read that weren’t our prescribed reading. This is where I started reading more scifi kinda things.

Oddly though when we relocated to Cape Town I didn’t get a new card and I’m not sure why, I guess I was too busy with school and extra murals and just getting up to shit, also I had TV access which I’d never really had before. I bought a book or two here and there. Mainly Harry Potter but that’s about it.

Then I was in Germany and started reading again big time. I would take J to the library but their selection of english books was laughable so I worked my way through the tiny shelf at the bookstore (I found twilight and eragon this way before they hit SA and became all famous and shit) and paid 300 euros (almost 2 months salary – I was paid pathetically) just to get them back to SA cause not a damn was I leaving them there (my ticket was 400 euro so you see how badly I wanted them).

Since then I’ve been lucky enough to have books sponsored to me so I can review them which means if I’m not ebook-ing them I get them from Penguin but with Fysh homeschooling now the 1 kids book a month isn’t enough and we’re going through them like crazy and um… have you seen the price of kids books these days?! (another reason for me to write).

Which leads us to today… 13 years since having my last library card I have one again! It has my name on and everything. We actually went to go and get one for Fysh but his birth certificate hasn’t arrived from home affairs yet (grrr) so can’t get him his own till we have it. Of course that didn’t stop him from using my card as his own!

So from here on we’ll be doing a weekly round up of what books we got and he’ll let you know what he thought of them before we head off and change them for the next lot :)

And yes, I snuck one in for myself while we were there. Kid in a frigging candy store!!!

library card


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  1. funny ive also just joined the library so i can teach my daughter how it all works and of course we both love books so win win

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