we got a bit of a make-over and made chocolate pie

So am not sure if you noticed all the spam you got today or not but that’s because I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to give the blog an over-haul yest again. (No I have NO idea why themes spam posts out when I upload them. So effing annoying!) Yes I know I did it recently but it just wasn’t sitting right. As is I’m not 100% sold yet, I’m loving the layout but I did want it a little more earthy. But hey, let’s be mermaids!!!

So yes, I am sorry if you were spammed again :P

I hope you had an amazing Human Rights day and didn’t spend it cursing your iMac like I did > every time I designed the front page it would bomb out and I’d have to reboot meaning I lose everything. Including all the design work I did for other people this morning… *angry face*

We’re in the process of carving out a section for Fysh as well so that he can have a bit of a say to and give you his opinion, apple doesn’t fall far from the tree ;)

There’s also space now for banners and such as companies keep asking for those. Don’t worry, I won’t sell out… I like swearing and not fitting in FAR too much hahaha.

Also thought I’d share this really easy 2 ingredient, 20 minute desert > all you need is a chocolate slab and a roll of puff pastry. Braid the chocolate into the pastry and pop it in the oven for 15 minutes. VOILA! (apparently you need to baste it with a beaten egg so it goes brown, we didn’t have eggs and it still tasted fine).

And if you don’t understand my short instructions here’s the video I followed


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