We did Dunkin donuts! 

Boojah! I can tick it eating epic Dunkin donuts off my bucket list! 

Dunkin donuts south Africa

I’m dead fussy when it comes to donuts. It needs to be a pretty damn good don’t and I can’t say I’ve had too many of those which really makes me think twice about buying them . Usually you buy them in store and they look so good but eish the icing sucks or they end up being stale which is just sad. 
Jozi has Krispy Kreme and I’ve felt a little sad that they decided not to come to Cape Town, but hey… Their loss for not tapping into the pretentious hipster market here because Dunkin has snuck in and won our hearts! 

Usually when a large franchise moves in I’m a little skeptic. We’ve seen them in TV and on our international friends instagram accounts but A) do they live up to the hype and B) are they actually going to be affordable?! Because as much as I’d love to have my name spelled wrong on a Starbucks cup I’m not earning in dollars and thus rather go somewhere they can spell my name for cheaper. 

I’m most happy to announce that both Fysh and I give the Dunkin that’s opened up at N1 city the thumbs up. Not only can even I afford it as a treat but it’s bloody tasty! Like seriously. 

Dunkin donuts south Africa

Dunkin donuts south Africa

I think we tried every don’t they have available and the only one we didn’t like was the one with the strawberry jam in it. 

My favourites were: the dark chocolate centered one with chocolate and marshmallows on it and the sugared one with apple puree that sort of tasted like apple pie. Fysh’s was the chocolate centered one that was decorated to look like a smiley face and the one covered in chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. 

Dunkin donuts south Africa

Drinks Fysh days their ice tea (note that is home made and not sweetened so not all kids will like it ) and I feel madly and deeply for the Dunkincino which is like a fancy ice cappuccino flavored with chocolate :P
Oh and if you’re not into sweet things but you’re there anyway then try their croissants. Oh my goodness they are amazing! 

I wish they were closer but I’m also really glad they aren’t cause neither my flabby tummy nor my wallet would smile if they were. 

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