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We’re still here, still up and at em. Well okay not so much up and at em, I’ve basically been sick for the past 3 weeks. First is was just a cold, meh but nothing I can’t manage, said cold morphed into full blown seasonal flu hell with coughing so bad that sleep was hard to come by and I basically had to sit up straight if I wanted a wink or two. Everything that came with it, migraines, no taste or smell… all that jazz. Not pleasant but not so bad that I needed to see anyone, just put me out of work and study cause no energy to think.

Then I started getting better, enough that we went camping and had an absolutely fantastic time. I’ll tell you all about it soon, we can’t wait to go back soon.

We came home again and I was a little snotty but mostly happy and getting back into the swing of things. Monday evening though I was hit with severe cramps, like “oh my stars am I in labour” sort of cramps. And that was it, hello freaking stomach bug. Fever, aching limbs, every joint in my body felt like it had been strung up and pulled apart then snapped back together, dizzy, stomach like water, barely any thought processing. Basically listeriosis down to a T according to the pharmacist (I don’t do Dr’s unless I really have to and I don’t do antibiotics).

I do not do the sick thing well.
I don’t like to take things easy and do nothing, my idea of doing nothing is crocheting or reading while I watch a movie or series (yes I often read while I watch things and I can keep track with both). So being sick SUCKS. I have missed out on so much that I’ve needed to do because all I’ve basically been doing is sleeping so now of course is generally the part where the stress sets in and I get all overwhelmed trying to catch up.

But am thankful The Person stepped in and helped with quite a bit, that and the fact that all my assignment dates have been moved to next month means that I don’t have to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Granny is taking Fysh for the whole weekend and I’ve asked The Person to give me the weekend as well so I’m going to have the house to myself, it’ll be quiet and I can sit down and do all the illustrations I need to. I may even have time to write a few blogposts!

Today though (well what’s left of it) I am going to sit and eat the butternut soup that Fysh requested and watch Scooby Doo re-runs.

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