Warning : cooking healthy is dangerous

Things happen within seconds and yet while it’s happening it feels like time doesn’t exist, everything slows down and speeds up all at once. 

It’s been a lovely chilly 13° here with a relatively constant drizzle. The perfect soup weather right? Of course. So I get it all going in the pressure cooker like usual etc, nothing different to what I usually do. Wait for it to do its thing then then it down and leave it for it to cool down enough and whatnot so I can open it up. 

For those off you who don’t know; pressure pots have to cool down so all the pressure is released otherwise you can’t open the lid as the pressure keeps it sealed. 

Well now… It seems my pot did not agree with this today because when I went to check on it the lid was loose enough to open, yes it was properly closed to start off with, so I opened it and BOOM

It exploded. Scalding vegetable soup EVERYWHERE. Even on the ceiling and in my toaster. 

Fucking boiling hot vegetables, water and steam. 

If you Google pressure pot explosion you’ll see just how bad these can actually be so I’m extremely grateful that I eas wearing a thick hoodie and boots so most of me was protected and I turned away quick enough that only a part of my chin/cheek was hit face wise and I had a cloth so only one hand was partially burned. 

A friend was visiting at the time and helped me stay calm and look for bandages etc. The Person suggested I go to the Dr but honestly there’s not much they would have done differently in burn shield, gauze and wrapping other than hand me a hefty bill as the burns are raw and red but not deep. At least my medical certificate is useful for something occasionally. 

But seriously now, enough is enough universe. Enough  is enough. I need a little good luck now please. I can’t illustrate properly with my left hand! 

2 thoughts on “Warning : cooking healthy is dangerous”

  1. Lesley says:

    A nice little pressure cooker hack taught to me by my Mum: take it off the heat and run it under the cold tap in the sink until you hear the lid settle, then it’s safe to open. The cold water drops the pressure quickly and you can hear and feel when it’s okay to open. I realise this is useless information for you currently because of your very tight water restrictions, but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind ;)

    1. cupcake says:

      Someone else told me about this yesterday as well. It’s never happened before though and the lid never opens unless the pressure is low enough so no idea why it did that. It’s going way way way in the back of the cupboard never to be seen or heard of again

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