#wherethefuckiscupcake – Part two – Warmwaterberg Spa

It was dark when we arrived so I didn’t get to see too much but we checked into a wooden cabin with a bed that sounded like it had seen better days and needed a can of oil, had a proper Karoo dinner and a southern comfort and lime (apparently another clue) before the restaurant closed then headed to spend time in the warm pool which was absolute bliss after being on my butt for 4 hours (remind me how I survived working in an office again?!)
The following morning we The Person woke up at 4am to watch the meteor shower (he eventually got me out of bed around 5) and it was magnificent. I can’t explain to you what the sky looks like in the Karoo away from the pollution of the city. It’s absolutely breathtaking, the western arm of the milky way in all it’s glory (and if it’s clear enough there’s a little “cloudy” spot near the milky way that’s actually a galaxy) . We also made a good bunch of wishes on the “shooting stars”. Watching the eta Aquarid meteor shower was what sparked the timing of the road trip as it’s best seen during the New Moon and far away from the city. They were right!

warmwaterberg spa
The spa is big and quiet, has a bar and restaurant with a large hall if you want to make a trip out that side for an event or team building or whatever. There are chalet’s available as well as wood cabins, camping and caravans to rent. The internet connection is spotty but there’s enough signal to instagram now and then or send a whatsapp message to let everyone know you’re safe and “wish they were there”. The showers though are all ice cold water so just a heads up on that.

warmwaterberg spa
There aren’t dogs allowed but you can take the kids with, unless of course you’re going there to get away from them and the noise ;)


(because the trip turned out too long to be posted as a single post.)

4 thoughts on “#wherethefuckiscupcake – Part two – Warmwaterberg Spa”

  1. Megs Hartwig says:

    Enjoy every minute of it….you deserve it ;) xx

    1. cupcake says:

      thanks lady! (kinda over it already though haha)

  2. Rene says:

    I have a chuckle every time I read #wherethefuckiscupcake. We have a dog named Cupcake. The name given by the place where we rescued her from. She looks the total opposite of what you would imagine a dog named Cupcake would look like. A bit like a hyena. And Cupcake is a bit of an escape artist. So we’ve had quite a few “where the fuck is cupcake” conversations. She always comes back though.

    1. cupcake says:

      hahahahaha! that’s hilarious! I’m currently picturing a hyena named cupcake, not pretty :P

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