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i ♥ my typo planner thing

Every year in January since Typo opened up by us I mission and buy one of their cute A6 diaries when they go on the 50% sale. This year they didn’t have that sale and so I waited a little longer but they never had it and at some point I sort of forgot about it and decided to try the whole phone calendar thing instead.

Seems I am a very complicated and hypocritical person (not that we didn’t know this before) and even though I’m all for saving the planet and not using paper where I can I still need that old school pen and diary for shit to work. And by shit I mean that organisational part of my brain :P I literally have to write down things like “hang up washing” and “take down washing” else I forget. I lose days because I’m not in an office and because I work till early hours of the morning my time line is out of whack as well so the forgetfulness is STRONG in this one. I also have  A LOT to do and it helps me list what needs being done so I don’t get overwhelmed and then simply not do any of it.

I tried the bullet journal thing in a notebook/journal and I enjoy it BUT yeah there aren’t dates and I need those dates. So the past 6 months have been a bit out of whack, I forget dates I shouldn’t, I miss friends parties and meet ups and mix up shipping dates for crochet orders. Not ideal at all.

Turns out they do June to June diaries/planners now! And so The Person said “go get one!” and he bought me a new Typo diary yesterday. I know there are cheaper options but they aren’t pretty and I’m petty in that way, I need a pretty diary that is going to not only help me keep organised but it’s going to make me want to carry it around. And I got a gorgeous one!

typo diary

I’ve already jotted down the things I need to do so hopefully I have it all and get more damn organised! At the moment my diary looks crappy with just scribbles of notes but I plan on digging out my pretty pens and washi tape and making it awesome.

Any one else feel like this? I can’t be the only one out there right cause if I was they clearly wouldn’t make them anymore.

Also… how great is my new mug?
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