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typo diary

Every year in January since Typo opened up by us I mission and buy one of their cute A6 diaries when they go on the 50% sale. This year they didn’t have that sale and so I waited a little longer but they never had it and at some point I sort of forgot about it and decided to try the whole phone calendar thing instead.

Seems I am a very complicated and hypocritical person (not that we didn’t know this before) and even though I’m all for saving the planet and not using paper where I can I still need that old school pen and diary for shit to work. And by shit I mean that organisational part of my brain :P I literally have to write down things like “hang up washing” and “take down washing” else I forget. I lose days because I’m not in an office and because I work till early hours of the morning my time line is out of whack as well so the forgetfulness is STRONG in this one. I also have  A LOT to do and it helps me list what needs being done so I don’t get overwhelmed and then simply not do any of it.

I tried the bullet journal thing in a notebook/journal and I enjoy it BUT yeah there aren’t dates and I need those dates. So the past 6 months have been a bit out of whack, I forget dates I shouldn’t, I miss friends parties and meet ups and mix up shipping dates for crochet orders. Not ideal at all.

Turns out they do June to June diaries/planners now! And so The Person said “go get one!” and he bought me a new Typo diary yesterday. I know there are cheaper options but they aren’t pretty and I’m petty in that way, I need a pretty diary that is going to not only help me keep organised but it’s going to make me want to carry it around. And I got a gorgeous one!

typo diary

I’ve already jotted down the things I need to do so hopefully I have it all and get more damn organised! At the moment my diary looks crappy with just scribbles of notes but I plan on digging out my pretty pens and washi tape and making it awesome.

Any one else feel like this? I can’t be the only one out there right cause if I was they clearly wouldn’t make them anymore.

Also… how great is my new mug?
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  1. Typo :( Went in there in Feb and my heart sank. I’m not responsible with journals (l rip out pages and my presentation never looks the way l plan so l get edgy and feel untidy and next minute… I’m not using it anymore) — so l couldn’t justify the expense. I have one A5 and 2 A6 – and somehow l work with those for now. I use Asana for work (starting to utilize my Google Drive and hopefully Dropbox soon) and it works fine for keeping my email inbox at peace and communicating to my clients but in order for me to feel okay l too have to write things down and do things in order of the list or in order of my preference for the tasks on the list but eventually get through everything… Otherwise, l feel horrible mentally about the state of my life lol. I laugh but in truth it’s not funny. With ideas and thoughts and plans running around my head all the time, l can literally busy myself all day and not do what l was supposed to do. For writing, journalling doesn’t work though. My new way is to record my thoughts and listen to the audio later when l am ready to write. Too much gets lost on the paper because l judge the words. Love your posts. Relate to you a lot and that’s great considering that we’re still very different from one another. Keep writing ma’am.

    1. Am the same, I LOVE typo but going there makes me sad cause I can’t buy all the things. I tried the voice notes thing as well but I don’t like the sound of my voice so that was a fail. I find I’ve been writing notes all over and lose them. With a diary no matter how ugly it ends up at least all my notes are in one place and I can make it out. My handwriting when I make notes makes me sad though, I could have been a doctor with it hahaha. I kept thinking “oh it’s too much to spend” but honestly after realising what it does for my mental state the R200 really isn’t a waste.

      For writing I have my blog but for writing stories I’m still trying to figure out (or teach myself) to work with ONE damn journal. I found a great one at typo (haha) but not in budget right now plus I have so many damn journals I really do not actually need another damn note book.

  2. With you on the writing things done. We have a page for the month calendar on the fridge, and I’m doing the bullet journal thing. I do though have the month at the glance thing over two pages, so that helps lots.

    1. I used to have one of those big desk calendars that I got from a company every year but seems companies have stopped sending them out which sucks cause they’re great to have for a quick memo or blogpost idea. I see Typo has them as well but those are January to December so can’t justify buying one now. Maybe next year haha.

  3. Have you been to the Typo “Factory” shop at Access Park? it REALLY is worth a trip out there, all the sale stock (as well as some of the regular priced items) goes there and sometimes they have an additional 30% off everything in store.

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