turn to page 394.

raise your wand

It’s not too often I get sad when a famous person dies. They’re just people and I don’t personally know them so I don’t feel like it’s a huge deal. The last time I had feels when someone died was when Paul Walker died and they did that farewell for him on the last fast and the furious.

Today however Alan Rickman bid us all a due and left his human flesh behind. Am I sad he died? Well maybe not HIM as Alan. But him as Severus Snape. Yes I’m sad. I am of the Potter generation and those who know me know I’m slightly obsessed. Okay very. Those books saved me during a very hard part of my life, they were my hide away and till this day they’re my happy. Alan played the role of Snape perfectly and he will always be him. It feels like Snape has died. Like with Alan alive the book was still sort of continuing on outside the pages but now he’s died and that’s the end of Snape’s story. Probably doesn’t really make sense to too many but I’m sure it will to a few of you, it does to me at least.

So Alan.
From us muggles.
Thank you for being our Snape, for giving him life.


RIP Snape


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  1. Yes, i do remember Prof Snape i was also from the Harry Potter age group, but i wasn’t found of him. When i discovered that he’s birthday was on 9th Jan the same day as me i was so angry, since i didn’t liked him one tiny bit.
    He was actually my least favourite character!!! My favourite character was Prof Dumbledore.
    I must say that i like the revamps that they’ve done to the books – looks great!

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