Last night the unicorn was invited to go trick or treating at a friends complex, they do it annually and it’s so awesome! Our road is too damn religious and racist to even consider letting the kids dress up and ask for candy – it’s satan’s work you know :/

We were invited on Friday and of course he was at granny (mom says he couldn’t stop talking about it) so we didn’t really have time to prep an outfit, also I am clearly not that Pinterest mom when it comes to costumes hahahaha!

I scratched around and tried to find some make up (I don’t really wear it) and found a few random leftovers from back in the day so we drew on some a scar type lines and stitch scars here and there, slapped on some pinkish lipgloss and blush, gave him a black eye and bandaged up his hand and leg… accident victim tada :P I put on the Ravenclaw t-shirt I got from Mandimadeitshop and my tutu and rocked it as a background Ravenclaw hahahaha.

The unicorn LOVES animals, dogs in particular so of course he was all over the friends dog but I think woof was a little on edge with all the kids so when Fysh gave him a big hug/cuddles he got a little jumpy and nipped at him leaving him with a cut eyebrow and real blood running down his face, we cleaned it up quickly with antiseptic and thankfully I had my momergency kit from Millennioil Rollers to put on which also helped calm him down a bit.

eina eina

It took quite a bit of convincing to get back into the whole spirit of things but after a few houses he found the spirit and was running around like an adorable kid high on excitement and the Halloween spirit.

Mom and Fysh

The pure delight on his face was magical and I can’t ever thank Laura enough for inviting us. This morning he was still beaming despite his eye being little tender and of course managed to convince me that a lunch bar is appropriate breakfast food.

2 thoughts on “? TRICK OR TREAT ?”

  1. stephanie videira says:

    great stash of Halloween goodies :)

    1. cupcake says:

      Hahahaha right? Sweets for days. All that sugar.

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