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Train like you’ve been picked for the Triwizard Tournement

We’re on week two of this whole “being more active” thing and last week showed a few cm’s down which is of course a bonus and fantastic motivation to keep at it. It really does help getting a few people in on it with you to help motivate each other. Sometimes we talk more kak than anything else but we always check in and see how the water intake is going, share interesting recipes and keep each other’s spirits up when it’s been a particularly tough day. Because man week 1 was hard!

I was browsing pinterest, as one does, and fell down the suggested posts rabbit hole, as one does, and came across a Harry Potter themed workout. Well Fysh thought this was a FABULOUS idea. M laughed and said that the way I watch HP I’d be Mayweather by the end of September :P

Today Fysh said we need to do it, the HP workout that is.

Guys… I am dead. I can’t feel my legs and my arms hate me. I don’t think I’ll be able to laugh for a week! But it was so much fun doing it with him. We see each other pretty much 24/7 and yet we don’t actually get to spend time together because we’re always busy but we’ve been getting our little exercises in together and they’re really great.

There are 7 more movies… He’s determined we do them all! Thankfully I’ve convinced him that we only do 1 of these a week though and stick to our mini HiiT routine the rest of the week.

Brave enough to join us?

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