Time for tea

So in February for Valentine’s Day we decided we aren’t going to go all big or whatever seeing as our anniversary is so close to it anyway so instead all three of us stayed in and I ordered a games box from Don’t Disturb. Instead of going out and paying for overpriced prices if you’re lucky enough to get a seat cause you didn’t book ahead we had fun playing games, munching on the chocolates and sipping our coffees :)

I’ve been a little miff and down in the dumbs lately so when the mini tea box arrived I just sat thanking the universe for a bit. Fysh of course wanted to dive right in and eat the sugary treats and was highly disgusted when I told him no because I have to take photos etc first and then he may only help himself because no sugar for mom aaaah!

The mini box is perfect for myself and Fysh, biscuits for him and two glasses so we can sit and sip tea as if we’re fancy old ladies :P

The bigger box comes with double the tea and I think 4 glasses? and also a coloring in book.

I think I know what my mom and gran getting for xmas hahahaha…

I really like the whole idea behind them, obviously. Sometimes you just don’t want to go out, sometimes you want to send a friend a little something special but flowers die and are expensive and you just don’t have time to or creative energy to make up something yourself so it’s such a lovely alternative.