those damn youtube ads

We don’t own a TV and even if we did I wouldn’t get DSTV cause these days there’s nothing but crap on there and the cartoons they show are more for adults with all the sexual innuendo (which is hilarious yes) than kids and they’re also more adverts than actual film time. At least with my iMac and tablet I can kinda monitor what Fysh watches. I don’t mind stampy and we love the “old school” cartoons from “back in my day” (aka the 90’s) like tailspin, american dragon, gummi bears, smurfs etc etc. Even though I let him watch CSI and his fave NCIS which most people will say isn’t good (he wants to be a ME or lab tech so I find it justifiable).

The one thing that REALLY get’s me is the youtube ads though. I get that it keeps youtube free but please, aren’t these ads targeted properly?! HOW can you target ads about periods when the feed is all minecraft and cartoons? I mean seriously man.

Yesterday we were in spar and Fysh started singing the stupid Always Ultra tune “I sleep worry free… but not on those night” and yes he knows it verbatim and then pointed them out on the shelf and was all “look mom, same as on youtube”. Being a single mum with a boy who used to follow me all over for a while he has a vague idea of the whole monthlies and sex thing etc but for fuck sakes man. Not even I want that popping up the whole time. No I’m not a prude and I’m all for being straight up and not thinking of your period as something to be ashamed of I’m just peeved that YouTube doesn’t seem to target people properly. If I hear that fucking song one more time I might throw the damn tablet at the director/producer.

Target me with interesting adverts dammit!

This whole post is one contradiction after the next but I’m sorry. There is something about that advert that makes me grind my effing teeth.

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  1. Olivia says:

    Yep. We hear you! My kids are fastest fingers to the ‘skip ad’ button. All they ever see are the first 5 seconds.

    Occasionally we see someone else’s tv and are blown away by the volume of ads! Crazy! We wonder how people stand living without the ‘skip ad’ button. All that time wasted.

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