the weekend in review

It’s Monday and I’m sitting here so fucking frustrated today I just want to cry which is dumb. I had a fantastic weekend but you know how that saying goes that if you go to bed in a foul mood you’ll wake up having a oak day. Well other peoples foul moods are rubbing off on my and now I’m in the foulest. I’m short tempered, frustrated and just plain fucking annoyed. I have people who owe me money and the month end is looming near, a month where I haven’t actually been able to work due to not having internet at home. Let’s just say I’m not happy.

But, like I said, I had a great weekend with my person, Fysh and a bunch of strangers. Yup, I socialised. Which in review might be another reason I’m not in the best of moods today.

My weekend started early, on Thursday I drove through to Somerset West to drop off a card my dad forgot in my car and needed and while I was that side I went to visit The Person and we went out for sushi lunch after buying the last of the supplies I needed for my workshop, the one chef was so oulik and must of overheard me when I was commenting on the menu cause from time to time he’d put something in front of me that I’d wondered what it was and at the end he came out with banana spring rolls with a coconut condense milk sauce. I’m not a banana fan but fuck it was good. Then we missioned back to my place where the person crawled back into bed after I rubbed his back with voltaren. Poor man has severely hurt it, old spasm injury from a car accident. Seriously wish I could make it better, makes me feel helpless.

Friday was a lot of rushing around and cleaning house to get ready for the workshop. He got me a housekeeper to come in and help make everything spotless and got a guy to come paint the walls in the lounge (they looked horrible), put my curtain railing back up properly, helped wash my extra heavy curtain and gave a lot of hugs telling me it’ll be okay.

Saturday was my very first workshop and I’m happy to report it was an absolute success. I had 3 people say they’re amped to join for the next one (yay) and despite all the last minute running around and preparation due to wrongly printed notes and a lack of internet it worked and I’m already picking out a date for the next one so if you’re keen to join send me a mail :) Also… my person bought me flowers :D


Yesterday I slept till my phone woke me up just after 9, I’d completely forgotten that I’d arranged for a house check with Lucky Lucy and the lady was on her way *rushes to get presentable* she came throuh and we passed inspection! We weren’t going to go through but when I get excited about something I need it and now! so The Person agreed that we could take a drive out to the foundation and go look at the woof we’re going to foster/adopt. Her name is Zara and she’s a German Shepard, she looks lie she could be an Afrikana cross but we can’t be sure until she’s back to her glory. She’s a rescue so thin but also has just nursed pups so is extra thing and undernourished at the moment (kids take it out of you). We couldn’t being her home with us though as they have had to wait for her to finish nursing the pups before they can sterilize her and that’s happening this week so Zara will come home with us next week. We’re fostering at the moment even though we do plan to adopt, I just need to save up for the adoption fee. it’s either feed her or adopt her and feeding always comes first. I know most people will tell me I should rather wait then but you don’t get it, I need her more than she needs me really. I need that companionship again when I’m at home working, it makes a huge difference in my mood having a dog around, I’ve been very lost without Joonbug. It makes sense to me and the association is okay with it so it works.

After we got back from the foundation yesterday it was a quick rush into woodstock for another Mind The Curves junk swop! And just like the last one it was seriously awesome. I loved it! This time round my “big” scores were a new coffee machine (mine retired) and a purple shirt with foxes on! Also scored a bunch of cardigans, a t-shirt or two, a scarf and two pairs of pants. Oh and the most epic shoes and boots for next winter!


See. A good weekend. And writing about it has helped a little… Breathe in breathe out.

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  1. Your weekend sounds busy and like you achieved so much! I suffer with depression and anxiety, and have been feeling very anxious the last couple of days, despite being on my meds, and so I spent the whole day in bed reading and napping yesterday, snuggled up with my 3 doggies – it definitely seems to have helped a bit.

    We adopted a 7 year old greyhound from the SPCA about a month ago now – she’s dark grey and was skin and bone, with scars from burns on her back (not sure if it was abuse or accidental). She was so timid and shy, and still is a bit, but she’s changing so much already – she’s filled out, and looking for affection now constantly. She went from sleeping in her little doggie bed, to sleeping snuggled up with me every single night in my bed, and she is the sweetest thing ever!

    1. I think animals, dogs in particular, are really good to have around when you have depression and anxiety. There nature tends to calm one down. I have a cat but she’ll sit near me so long as I don’t touch her so not much of a comfort animal.

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