The thing about change

Change is inevitable, we know this, and yet I am still not the biggest fan unless it’s planned change. Planned by myself of course. Even then I struggle to really come to terms with it.

Our move has been a massive change, monumental. For the first time in 9 years I’m living with a partner again and for the first time in 8 years I’m paying rent. I used to rent out two rooms in my house to cover the rent which meant that we could successfully live client to client without that stress load of making sure it’s all in your account by the right time. I thought I’d manage this easily, but apparently the stress is really taking it’s toll. I am hardly sleeping and the nightmares are incredibly shitty.

I know that long term this move is exactly what we needed. So here is my list of positive things about moving here because my mom says that if you’re down you need to remember the things you’re grateful for…

  • The air out here is cleaner than the refinery filled air from before so we’re having less breathing problems.
  • Our neighbors are wine and cattle farmers so we are surrounded by greenery with great fertilizer.
  • We are allowed to have daily walks through our neighbors vines which both the dogs and us are enjoying.
  • The whole environment is just so damn positive with no one to break us down anymore but ourselves.
  • While there are the trains that come past several times a day they are still way better than the Wednesday and Saturday races at the track that sound like they are happening in your backyard.
  • The station being so close also means that not having my car anymore has really not been a terrible issue because I can take the train into town or the city if we really need to.
  • I have a garden now, a proper one, one that is green and can actually grow stuff! Which means I now have vegetables growing.
  • Fysh has his own room, no more sharing my safety space with him.
  • I can get cuddles from my person whenever the fuck I want :)




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  1. It has only been two weeks but your whole energy / vibe is so much more positive! Just breath and keep yourself open to new financial possibilities.

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