The Playstation

A while back The Playstation Adventure Park started following me on Instagram and I’ve been thinking about taking Fysh ever since, the thing is though that they are in Tokai and any true Capetonian will tell you that us to Tokai counts as a road trip hahaha. September being our best month all year I thought I’d treat him a little and take him. And as the universe is they were having a special day where the kids get two hours of play and mom get’s a cup of coffee with it (they let me have a cup of tea instead). BONUS

To say that Fysh had a ball is most likely an understatement. HE LOVED IT! And to be dead honest so did I! The staff are amazing and there is always someone watching out for them. I so wish I was still little enough to join in on the slides and climbing wall.

And on the note of climbing walls. Fysh decided to climb it, but only a few ways up he flipped out and said NO he wants down. But then he couldn’t get down cause he didn’t want to fall. When we eventually got him to let go and see that even if he didn’t he wouldn’t actually fall there was no stopping him. No matter how long it took or how many times he slipped he kept going till he made it all the way up.

Once up there they have these balancing bits over a massive catch net. So the kids get hooked to a wire then they balance their way over the different things.

Fysh made a few friends as he always does, my unicorn is WAY more social than I am, he has no qualms about going up to strange kids and asking them to play or whatever. It’s great to see, I am always worried he takes too much after myself but as much as he enjoys being at home he enjoys going out just as much and unlike me it doesn’t tire him out, it fuels him. Damn extroverts hahaha.

I took snacks with in case the menu didn’t have anything for me on it and they had no issues with me taking it in which was so nice of them. Fysh had a slushy as a treat and said it was the best.

If you don’t mind the drive it’s really an awesome option for something fun to do with the kids if they’re driving you bonkers and you want to have a coffee and cupcake (or just to go to the bathroom alone) while other people deal with their crazy for a bit.

We’re definitely keeping an eye out for their next special :)

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