the people of our tribe

she was not fragile
like a flower;

she was fragile
like a bomb.


I feel like this quote pretty much sums up my life. Particularly at the moment, I’ve been holding on and I’m so scared I just explode into pink mist and evaporate to nothingness. Yesterday was a shitty day, perhaps it was too much sun (me and the sun, we are not friends) or it was the overload of socializing. Either way I didn’t want to do anything, I spent most of the day cuddling with Fysh and watching silly cartoons instead of tending to the work sitting on my desk, the deadlines pulling faces at me and shouting insults about how I’ll never make them.

And then at about 3pm I get a “hello!” at the gate. And there stands Maz’s husband with a simple little brown box with a pretty string around it. “From Maz” he said and then headed off to work with a wave and a smile. Fysh was curious and kept trying to hurry me up opening it so he could see what’s inside. But I felt like I needed to just sit down and take my time and relish in the fact that I have friends who know when I need something.

Not just Maz who often let’s me recharge by house-sitting their farm. My Our random tribe is full of interesting people that keep life bright and cheerful, tribes people who are always there for me to vent to or talk to or just sit quietly with, who keep Fysh in mind when their kids outgrow things or they find things he might be interested in, who ink me when I need to remember I’m alive, who edit my random books and listen to all the crazy ideas I have. Who encourage those crazy ideas and support them. Who talk me out of random impulsive decisions. Who buy me patterns I’ve been coveting as just because gifts because crocheting calms my mind. And those who help us go on roadtrips to my cousin’s wedding by supporting my little business.

In case you’re as curious as Fysh inside the little box was a lot of pink tinsel stuff that I had to save from Fysh before he threw it up in the air and I had to clean it up. Nestled in tissue paper was a mug from her new range she’s got for sale with a yummy hug in a mug that Fysh nabbed cause I’m 3 weeks caffeine and sugar free now. 


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What got me all teary though and all appreciative were two rocks.
They might seem like a rather odd gift to you but to me they are so special.

They aren’t just rocks to me, they aren’t just unshaped crystals.

They are a piece of Namibia.

They are a reminder of happy and innocent times before I was introduced to “life” and the chaos of living in a city where people barely smile at each other. And that I was thought of and they were brought back during a tough part in her own life.

Dear tribe,
We appreciate you more than we can ever truly express. 


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