the moment your heart stops beating

We aren’t Spur fanatics, Fysh isn’t a fan of the food and I can’t fault him, it’s rather kak. But we were at Sable Square yesterday for an event and we were a little early, we’d already had lunch and walked around so we went to Spur and ordered a drink mainly so Fysh could jump and clamber in the play area while we waited for time to pass.

At the moment we’re watching Without a Trace and it really shows how quickly things can happen and people go missing. And as a mom this is always a worry, especially when you hear things like blond/blue eyed kids are a commodity in black market adoptions. Also you always say it’ll never happen to you but then the family it happened to said that as well right?

Fysh and I have a thing: if someone touches you, scream as loud as you can, and even if it’s someone you know you do NOT go with them unless they give you todays password and if they insist you run as fast as you can.

In Spur yesterday my heart stopped for a full minute.

He told me he was going to the bathroom so I said okay. And then I heard him shout. It’s funny how you know it’s YOUR kid screaming. And he kept calling me. I left everything as is, I nearly ran over a waiter and when I got to the bathroom the stalls were all open. No Fysh. I turned around to ask a waiter if he’d seen him.

And then there he was in front of me all angry because he’d called me to look at him in the jungle gym and I’d run to the bathroom. Little shit. We had a long talk about the incident and he gave me a big hug saying he’d kill someone to get back to me. A little morbid but very sweet. That’s my unicorn for you :)

This just really instills my wishes to move out of the city and back to a small town, somewhere green I think would be great. There was never this fear growing up in Luderitz. We had free roam of the town, we knew everyone and everyone knew us and the parents would let the other parents know when a kid showed up at their place. Here? Here I won’t even let Fysh go to the park 7 houses away on his own. Here I don’t let him run ahead of me in Checkers.


6 thoughts on “the moment your heart stops beating”

  1. Karen at MomAgain@40 says:

    I would have had a heart attack as well! It’s funny, but also not funny! That we have to live this way!

    1. cupcake says:

      I wasn’t sure if I should laugh at him or reprimand him. Flip I’m totes not made for this city living stress

  2. catjuggles says:

    Oh I hear you! I am so scared for my boys to go to the mens on their own. I always look for a disabled toilet or so.

    1. cupcake says:

      Same here, and if he does go into the mens I make sure to stand outside and then he has to talk to me. Mostly I just have him come with me into the ladies if there’s no family or disabled bathroom. This parenting business is stressful

  3. Anthea O'Neill says:

    Flip that’s scary and has happening in some way to all of us! The last time I had a minute like that when Alex ran ahead of me in the mall and disappeared. After a full almost 15 minutes of searching with security…or maybe it wasn’t that long…. We found her curled up on the floor of a bookstore reading. I cried so much and afterwards I actually threw up I was so scared!

  4. Lizanne says:

    Even in NZ it freaked me out to not see my kids. And even there kids get abducted :( it’s a messed up world we live in for sure

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