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The goodness gang, and why I’m okay with them. 

We all know where I stand as a parent with these pay R150 and get whatever it is they’re trying to get you to collect. Mainly because I simply can’t afford to spend R150 every time we shop and because freelancing doesn’t lend you one big payday every month we don’t do a monthly shop either. And also because what are we supposed to do with the 50 lenticular cards or the adorable yet useless mini marshmallow bag.

I’ve been shopping at food lovers since I knew it as fruit and veg market. And when I do a “big shop” I do it there because vegetables! Also, I love that they don’t have isles and isles to walk through trying to find something. They’ve got the basics with 2 or 3 options of brands and that makes my brain so happy.

Anyway, they brought this sticker collection thing as well and first I thought “here we go again” but I was pretty pleased to find out that you get said sticker for every R50 you spend not R150 which is already awesome because hey, R100 feeds Fysh and I on fruit and veg for an entire week, particularly if I shop on a Wednesday and make use of the wacky Wednesday specials (my favourite! – today I got : 1 paw paw, pack of bananas, 1 pineapple and a punnet of strawberries for R39). And this isn’t a one or two months thing they’re here until next year ::)

The goodness gang

The whole point of their sticker collection thing is you collect them for these adorable fruit and vegetable plushies who form up the goodness gang and these guys are all about printing happy healthy eating with kids.
I’m pretty lucky that for the most part Fysh eats really healthy. Okay so he had a waffle and ice cream for lunch thanks to his godmom but yesterday he chose popcorn over koeksisters and he’s now eating rollmops (gag) and a punnet of strawberries. Don’t get me wrong though, he likes sweets as much as any kid. 

I love that they have fruit stand near the middle-ish of the store where kids (or you) are allowed to grab a fruit to eat while mom or dad shops :) Fysh always hand an apple and it keeps his mouth busy so I can do in peace ;) hahaha.

Food lovers market

As much as I love them we didn’t set out on owning them all, I just loved the broccoli haha but we had a little help and now have 3.

The goodness gang
And now the big thing for me because I’m prepping us to need less and live lighter for when we finally start our gypsy living : can we actually use them or are they just ornaments? Technically they’re just ornaments although Fysh likes cuddling with plush toys at night and considering he isn’t the kind of kid that asks or wants for things like this often I’ll make the exception. (His birthday gift wish was for an apple tree because I couldn’t afford the horse riding lessons be actually wanted). We’re also going to use them to make learning about nutrition, and the biology of a plant fun :) and when we eventually pack up they’ll be donated to the montessori that can use them.

Oh and for those who’s kids are going on holiday and you have no idea what to do with them? The goodness gang are hosting cooking days where the kids can learn how to cook with the fruit and veg the gang represent during the holidays so book a spot!

Goodness gang cooking

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