The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers

Crazy lady (as Fysh calls her) won free entrance for her and a bunch of friends to The Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers (an animal free circus) that’s in Stellenbosch at the moment and The Person, Fysh and I got to tag along.

Ever heard of those gypsy carnivals you hear about that would roll into town, set up on a field, all the staff sleep in tents and caravans and then they pack up one night and are gone? Well they did so great trying to recreate them! And yes, they actually sleep in tents and caravans, we asked. I wish I had taken more photos but honestly I was just enjoying it too much of the time to think to pull out my phone.


The person got Fysh an all day rides pass so he was running around like a fool going on them all. The only ‘ride’ that wasn’t covered by his band (cause there is always a catch right) was the trampoline bungee thing. That was an extra R40 a go so I said okay he may go once. After that though he made friends with the set designer and was allowed to go on as much as he wanted… so grateful, kids day was made!

There was a magician to entertain and even though I know it’s slight of hand he really makes you believe in real magic, I felt like a kid watching him with his rope tricks and all that. Always a real delight! They had face painters and even a tarot reading tent (unfortunately she wasn’t there yesterday) but the tent was gorgeous.

The Globe Of Death was terrifying to watch! Not a damn, I nearly threw up on their behalf! It’s interesting watching the one guy on the scrambler going round and round but when the second damn scrambler joins in that little globe all I could picture was a macabre accident and I just couldn’t. Must be the medic in me. That said, round of applause to those brave souls! And the lady who joins in and stands in the middle while he goes round and round.

We actually went for the main show in the big tent. Unfortunately it was just far too loud for me (and Fysh was also a little put off by the level of volume) and my achondroplasiaphobia was at an all time high with the main character the moon being a small person. So I had to leave and went to sit by our table instead but The Person stayed to watch and said it was great. I’m sure it was, I just couldn’t but don’t let that stop you going!

Oh and there is a live band that plays your rockabilly blue’s feel to most of the songs, when the show was on and I was sitting at the table by myself then one staff got up and started singing the old lady who swallowed a fly in that real bayou blues feel, his voice though – WOW but it was the best rendition of a kids song I’d ever heard. When I heard the lyrics I laughed and thought oi vey but we all ended up singing along.


For lunch I got the salad buffet, that spinach salad was so good I was tempted to go for seconds. Everything looks and smells so good, no one got the same thing so it was great spying all the different options. The Person and Fysh had burgers which Fysh dubbed the best burger. And I can’t help agree – I had a falafel burger and when I first looked at it I thought I’d never finish it but I pigged out a little because it was so amazing. I would go back just for that burger.


The staff were amazing, the ride operators not so much though – bunch of sourpusses. But the staff were all dressed in theme and it was fabulous, the service is fantastic and I often saw them keeping kids out of harms way. Always smiles despite the fact that they’re in the sun most of the time.



There’s secure parking in the field where the entrance is and there are guards that walk around. The staff are also always on a look out as I mentioned which is really nice. And I did spot a medic walking around so at least if you don’t drink all your water (it’s free and tasty so drink it, sunstroke is a bitch) or twist an ankle in excitement there is someone there to help out.

If you can make it then GO! They’ll be in Stellies till the 17th of September and then they’re off to Jozi (I think). It’s really worth it. Am glad we got the opportunity to go :)

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