The Eights…

Fysh is well mannered, he really is as awesome as he sounds here, we never dealt with the terrible two’s or the threenager ages and he only ever threw a tantrum in the shop once but eight has brought on a kid I don’t know so well. He’s still very polite, clever, grateful for even the small things and quirky but in between that I’m seeing things like talking back and the more recent – LYING TO ME!

I mean it’s small things, like telling me how the food was fantastic and then realizing he never even dished up for himself or saying he did something I know he didn’t. But small things build. And the little teenage attitude… It’s like having 16 year old me live with me. Well not quite that extreme.

What the hell is this even, I don’t know how to deal with this, I feel bad when I reprimand him but I know I can’t let it slide because I refuse to have a bratty little kid like some I’ve met who walk all over their parents. I suppose that somewhere along the line he had to be not the perfect little unicorn child right? He always apologizes and whatnot and accepts when I take away his tablet etc as punishment but still. Anyone else? Please tell me this is only a phase? PLEASE let it only be a phase!

This parenting shit is hard yo

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  1. I’m hoping it’s a phase too! Little Miss has been going through the same ‘phase’ for about a year now…constant talking back, I always get the ‘But Mom…..’ and the arguing!!! OMG it doesn’t seem to end!!!!! She also started the lying thing, but the teeniest drop of tabasco on her tongue sorted that out, initially. But she tried her luck again with lying and then the drop was bigger. I told her if there’s a next time, it’s a whole teaspoon!!!! I get serious mom-guilt about the constant reprimanding or punishment, but I ain’t raising no brat! So I’m with you….and I even feel a little better knowing that Little Miss isn’t the only kid out there, driving their Mamma wild!

    1. Ah these kids are growing up so fast we can’t keep up man! I’d say tabasco is a good idea but Fysh eats wasabi peanuts like candy so that’s out. I take away the evening movie and card game and his hour on the tablet but then I’m sort of punishing myself as well hahaha. I guess it’s all part of them growing up and testing boundaries. I even used the phrase “I am your mother and if you don’t like it you can just go find another one” which I’m pretty sure my mother used on me several times as well. all the strength with little miss!!!

  2. Yeah, I have a 4 yr old who pulls that stunt… lies outright, back chats like no body’s business and talks to adults like they’re kids… and I’m at my wits end.

  3. Sounds about right for the age. I also keep reminding her that if trust is broken it’s hard to get it back. It’s something I have to keep repeating, let’s hope it sinks in. We also have constant back chat, always wants the last word. So frustrating.

  4. Mitchell is more about being devious to get his own way but then he can’t help telling me how devious he was, a bit of bragging or something, lol. A threat to remove his tablet or PS3 keeps him on the straight and narrow generally. But the nagging, oh my hat, this child will nag and nag and nag until he gets what he wants or gets yelled at. Exhausting!

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