the education system has gone to shit

DSC_0372So we’d finally decided on a school for Fysh but of course as things would have it finances aren’t quite up to scratch and I can’t afford the school fees so we’ve had to resort to public school. Which by the way is not as easy to access as you think.

We went this morning quickly to go and get registration forms. The lady promptly pointed at a pile larger than the other “This is our rejection pile. Our rejection rate is very high so you might want to apply to other schools but be aware that you aren’t in their acceptance range location wise so it will be difficult. Also please note your child has to be vaccinated.” In my head she’s telling my “oh well, you’re fucked” because I don’t believe in vaccinations and we’re not zoned for any of the other schools.

No wonder private schools are so damn expensive, they’re the last fucking resort and they know it. I’ve been in both public and private schools growing up and I’ll tell you there is no fucking difference in the curriculum so what the actual fuck? They both wear uniforms, they both run the same schooling and they both happen in a building.

So what now? Do I start looking at homeschooling options? Do I start trying to figure out how to balance work which is already so damn fucking slow to come in and homeschool at the same time? Then there’s the thing of trying to get him to socialise cause obviously if he’s homeschooling we need to get out and make more friends as I’m not sure it’s healthy just to be around me, granny and his 14 year old uncle as friends all the time.

I’m done, I’m so fucking done.
I’m at the end of my rope. I really am.

We’ll fill out the forms and hope for the best I guess, nothing else to do really. But we’ll have to start actively looking into homeschooling at this point because we’re not the luckiest family there is.


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  1. MeeA says:

    When we moved to our current house, I was also told to apply to all the schools in the area because they were all full (we moved in March, so the schools had already filled all the available places the previous year).
    In the end, I applied to all the schools in the area. They all told me there’s no way we’ll get in because they’re all overfull already. I contacted the Department of Education and told them my story. In the end, we got into the school of our choice because it was the least full of them all. (And it was closest to our house.)
    Just follow their protocol, apply to the other schools. Even if they are all full, the school closest you to is obligated by law to accommodate you. Otherwise, contact the Department of Education and tell (ask) them to sort it out.

    1. Cath says:

      What Meea said! by law, the school closest to you (ie what you’re zoned for) has to enable you access, no matter your financial situation. We went through this too, and you cannot be rejected if you are zoned for the area. X

      1. cupcake says:

        going to keep that in mind. I’ve pretty much already decided we’re going to homeschool or end up doing so but we’ll still do the enrolment process just in case

  2. Jozi Wahm says:

    I feel you on this one! We also did grade R applications recently and the ‘feeder zone’ thing makes no sense. The more upmarket (still public) school close by also said we are not in their feeder zone and we have little chance of getting in while one 10km away told us we are in their feeder area. Luckily we got into both but just don’t understand the logic of it all.

  3. cat@jugglingact says:

    Oh I feel for you – and I do think as you are in their area you can take it up with the Education department. However I think the deadline for registration was in May somewhere (I may be wrong) so that can be an issue. But try it – if they reject go to the department

  4. Celeste says:

    The schools are so ridiculous sometimes. I also just want to add that you can’t be discriminated against for choosing not to vaccinate. There is an exemption letter you can sign. Consider the thought of possibly Homeschooling for a year and get yourself onto other schools waiting lists that are in your area.

    1. cupcake says:

      yeah I’ve always said I want to homeschool was just never in the work position where it would be possible. am now so it’s an option if we don’t get accepted. still crap though.

  5. claudette says:

    I know the feeling we are relocating back to durban at the end of the I had to phone around finding out all we needed to get my daughter into grade 3 in. And we had to give so much stuff including unabridged birth certificate that cost 75 bucks and takes 8 weeks to get. My husband got the job of going to each school and trying to get her in for next year we are on the waiting list at 3 schools and if that doesn’t work then ill home school her. We are both going to be starting a new business at the beginning of the year too so financially I can understand you completely

  6. Chevone says:

    It is a nightmare! In our area we don’t have enough schools, and one of the primary schools’ campus split in Gr.4/5 – but we are so blessed with good schools in the Valley.

    I recently went through an application form for my niece and I was shocked to see that if you rent (and I do) then you are something like 5th in terms of preferance. Needless to say I think property ownership as a criteria is a load of hogwash when it comes to enrolling your child in a school. I am waiting for a school in our area to deny my niece access, ’cause I just won’t stand for it, any of it, period!

    Good luck to you and hope you son get’s placed in a school that you are confident in.

  7. Sam says:

    I am shitting myself for when I need to get K into the local model c school in our area in 2 years time. Currently parents are camping out for up to 5 days BEFORE the registrations open in order to secure their kids a spot. FIVE DAYS!!! It is utter madness but I will what needs to be done for my kid to get a decent education.

  8. Heather says:

    Crumbs how awful. I’m just not sure what’s happening next year for us. Homeschooling can also work out expensive too.

  9. Sula says:

    I feel your frustration! I applied for my 5 year old to go to GR 0 at her big brother’s public school and although I handed in long before the cut off they ran out of space. I was also looking at home schooling at the 11th hour, the day before orientation they had a cancellation, such relief! Keep fighting, I hope it all works out

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