The day the tooth fairy died

As you know I’ve always been on the fence about the whole Santa and Tooth Faerie thing because my parents went all out when we were kids but we just haven’t been in the sort of environment where I can really do that for Fysh. I wasn’t going to do it at all and but then of course granny brought these things up and he sees it all over the shops etc but the questions of why don’t the grownups… for which we had a pretty epic reasoning to if I do say so myself – The Holiday Keepers know how old you are and once you turn 7 they stop bringing you things because they can’t bring things forever otherwise how are they going to bring things for all the other little kids. It worked for a while.

I think we had the tooth faerie alive the longest.
Well at least I thought we did.

Recently the unicorn lost yet another tooth unexpectedly (thankfully the tooth faerie has learnt to keep emergency cash specifically for this reason) but she was so tired she didn’t want to get up and put it away so instead she put it in the drawer next to the bed. Because no one messes in there.

Of course the next morning the faerie didn’t even think to move it because mom brain.
But because Murphy is an asshole of course that would be the morning the unicorn needed something from the drawer…

Man did a feel like a shitty tooth faerie. But the unicorn being who he is he gave me a hug, said it’s okay I must keep the money he got and that he knew all along it was me which is why he tried to always loose his teeth at granny instead. This child ♥

** he kept the money in the end and put it towards my early xmas gift – a new Mickey Mouse water bottle  to replace my broken one

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