The Creakers – Tom Fletcher

My taste in books seems to have massive leaps between genre’s the only ones I can never get into are period/war type novels. Lately it’s more YA and psychological but I got The Creakers by Tom Fletcher a while back and it’s what I grabbed off my shelf of to read this week.

I LOVED it, oh man I laughed! I actually ended up buying the audio book so that I can listen to it while I work and I had to close the door cause I was giggling too much. I haven’t read anything like it before which is a nice change, when you read so many books you start seeing a common thread but The Creakers is definitely new to me.



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The way the protagonist (Lucy) sometimes tells the narrator to shush is so well done, not something I thought anyone could work properly but it does and Fletcher pops in occasionally to make sure the reader is still okay and not too scared – cause the woleb and breakers can be very scary you know ;) I definitely suggest the audiobook, it’s really well done but you do miss out on the illustrations in the book though so it’s a bit of a toss up between which one I would suggest over the other. Get both ;)

It’s full of twists and turns and little plot twists, Fysh hasn’t read it yet as he’s currently busy with a Middle School book but I know it’s something he’s going to love as well, what kid hasn’t  imagined a world without grown-ups before.

What are you reading at the moment?
I’m finishing up The Magic Misfits and Dreamfall (yes two at the same time).