The Brave Little Rabbit

rabbit-811550I wrote a book! And had it edited!

As in I seriously wrote one and finished it all by myself with a beginning a middle and and end and a pretty cute story line. I pantsed it like I usually do but this time I finished it. I’ve written adult books before and mostly with friends, I have one pending that needs to be finished but I’ve never finished one on my own and have never really been able to write for kids.

I wrote one for kids!
And apparently (according to those who’ve read through it) it’s not bad! (Though they might just be being nice.)

And now I’m doing the doodles and illustrations to go with it :D

Who know’s if it’ll ever see the light of day, I mean it’s just the first one and all that but still. Am pretty chuffed with myself so I had to share and document this happy day ;)


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