Mindful Monday – The Bodhi Box

Things are so fast paced lately, it’s one of the reasons Fysh and I are going camping soon, get away and reconnect. Find our roots again, breathe in some fresh air and meditate for a bit on where we want to go from here and what we’d like to accomplish.

Bodhi Box is a monthly subscription box that is filled with mindfulness activities, goodies and treats that are sourced locally and as earth friendly as possible.

What a great idea right? So your child will get a box just for them (this is a massive deal for Fysh cause he always get’s jealous when I get deliveries and he doesn’t) the boxes differ from month to month but there are a few things that will come in each one, they just differ a little – a yummy treat, a mandala to color and a chakra stone with a card to explain it’s meaning and significance and aroma dough.

Fysh’s box was about the Root Chakra and he got a beautiful red Jasper bracelet and we sat and chatted about where his root chakra is and that his Jasper gives him courage and takes away negative energies. (he can’t wait to tell granny what he learned when she get’s back from Zanzibar)

I ate the NEAT bar that came with it hahaha, not because he didn’t want to but because it was vegan and sugar free and I told him sharing is caring ;) It was damn tasty and I need to find where we can get more for our camping trip. And while he was coloring in his mandala outside he asked if I could please get him a coloring book to take with camping because it’s very peaceful.

Because we’re in the horrible drought at the moment I said no to a bath to use the kiddie calm but I’m taking it with us to the forest as there is a hot water river right next to our camp spot so I’m going to pack a big tub and we can sit with our feet in it after one of our hikes :)

If you want your own box you can get hold of them on Instagram or Facebook. The founders are such sweethearts and they live here in the windy mother city!

There was also a little card with tips on how to save the bees and I think that was the most special part for me. We are big on trying to help out our bee population, they love our lavender plant and even though the smell makes me physically gag I leave it there for them.

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