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The Blom Boy at Spier Werf Market

I don’t know if you know this but Spier has a “secret” market the last Saturday of every month and they theme them and then go all out at making it a really great market. From free wine, kids play areas the lot. This month was the harvest festival and they out did themselves. Sack racing, barrel rolling, grape stomping, brätwurst, home made pomegranate ginger beer, cheeses galore, fresh fruits and vegetables. It was bliss!

AND I got to do something new today! I made a wreath out of not your normal kinda flowers :D The Blom Boy is great and you should definitely get hold of them to book for the next market’s workshop, I’m not sure what the theme is yet but am sure they’ll announce it on one of their platforms soon :)

the blom boy



the blom boy

And THIS is my creation, which The Person asked to keep :)

grass wreath

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