The adventures of August and Tiny Hoof

It’s no secret that Fysh has never been very artistic, sure he’d scribble and occasionally he’d paint something but in general he didn’t seem to have much of a concept for it or even an actual interest in it and then this past week he turns around and starts his own comic series. BOOM. Just like that.

It’s about a boy with long hair named August and he goes on all these adventures with Tiny Hoof his teeny unicorn friend. He comes up with the stories and dialogue all by himself, most of the things they do are based on whatever he’s done or is feeling but sometimes he get’s pretty creative, like when they went looking for a lost rainbow :)

He’s decided that for now it’ll just be done in pen and he has a drawing book and pen I gave him that go everywhere now. Of course I’m stupid proud and happy and excited that he’s FINALLY showing an interest in what I do daily. It might just be that he wants to be a part of what keeps me so busy which is both a happy and a sad thought.

But for whatever reason, August and Tiny Hoof are now a part of our household just as Charlie and Beastie are. And if you’re keen I’ve created an instagram account for him (@augustandtinyhoof), I’ll be scanning in his comics and putting them into proper panels so that they are a little more understandable for anyone who isn’t around to have him explain it to you.

One thought on “The adventures of August and Tiny Hoof”

  1. Gina says:

    This is awesome! Well done Fysh!!
    I love their sunglasses :)

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